Reduce psychological stress

The patient does not need to remove the eyeball and wear the artificial eye, which can effectively reduce the psychological pressure of the patient.

It is beneficial to rebuild the confidence of young patients and avoid causing serious psychological problems.

Relieve economic pressure

With silicone oil treatment, the use of FCVB treatment can greatly reduce the financial burden of the family;

Traditional silicone oil requires at least 3-4 treatments, the total cost is about 100,000;

FCVB implantation only needs one time, no follow-up treatment is required, and the total cost is more cheaper.

Alleviate social conflict

The FCVB treatment plan has significant economic benefits, and companies can reduce a lot of expenses when paying for medical expenses of work-related injuries.

And FCVB implantation does not require follow-up treatment, which can effectively reduce conflicts and disputes between enterprises and employees.