Foldable capsular Buckle (FCB)

The product is made of imported polymer material, which is composed of balloon, drainage tube and drainage valve. The balloon was implanted into the corresponding scleral surface through the micro conjunctival incision, and normal saline was injected through the drainage valve and drainage tube. After the injection of normal saline, the balloon can support the sclera and retina, and close the hole with laser or condensation. It is painless and minimally invasive, and can be used for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.


① Minimally invasive incision: 4-5mm conjunctival incision

② Reduce pain: do not stretch the extraocular muscles

③ The operation was short: 10 minutes

④ Large top pressure range


1. The age is 18-65 years old, both male and female;

2. Axial length ≤ 26 mm (myopia < 600 degrees);

3. The diagnostic criteria of RRD (single hole with less than 2 PD in one quadrant or multiple holes adjacent to less than 3 PD in one quadrant, pvr-b grade or below) were met;

4. Be able to understand the purpose of the study, volunteer to participate and sign informed consent.