Vesber system and flying inspection knowledge contest started~

In order to further improve the company’s quality management capabilities, improve employees’ understanding of the system and flying inspection, and deeply understand and comprehensively promote the construction of the quality management system, Satellite TV launched the system and flying inspection knowledge contest.

Contest links: written test questions, rush answer questions, mandatory answer questions, case analysis questions

Participating members: Quality Management Group, Technical Group, Production Group, Marketing Group, Logistics Group

Rewards: team awards, personal best performance awards (rewards greatly increased ~)

The details are as follows: 1. Team Award: The top three groups in the three rounds with the highest total score are the top three, which can be awarded separately. 2. Personal best performance award: The top three individuals with the highest individual scores in the three rounds are the top three, and they can be rewarded separately.

Written test questions-with confidence

At 4:30 on the 14th, the horn of the company’s quality system knowledge contest sounded! The competition first came to the first link-written test questions, the main assessment quality manual compilation and main content.

Answer questions-chase after victory

On the afternoon of the 15th, the second part of the Knowledge Contest was held—quick answers. The topics of this knowledge contest involve medical device regulations and system documents of various departments, and a variety of test questions test everyone’s ability to reserve and apply various knowledge. The atmosphere of the competition was warm, and the climax was repeated.

Mandatory questions-single-handedly

Then entered the personal must-answer questions, the players on the field answered calmly, the answers were fluent, showing a solid foundation for the quality management system.

Case study questions-team operations

The last link, the case analysis question, analyzes the case according to the guidelines for the on-site inspection of implantable medical devices for medical device production quality management standards.

After four rounds of intense competition, the final score is finally released! The technical department, quality control department and production department won the first, second and third places respectively!

At the same time, three people also won the personal best performance awards, and each received a generous bonus ✿✿ヽ(°▽°)ノ✿~

This knowledge contest has ended successfully, and the unsuccessful teams do not have to be discouraged. The company will continue to carry out knowledge contests in the second half of the year to encourage everyone to compete benignly. Grow and continue to innovate!